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This week’s message is ready!

Listen as Dr. Mike Prevost explains the physical ramifications of the death of Jesus to be followed up by Pastor Lew Pizzala on the spiritual application of the cross and His death.

Ladies Bible Study….

At different times in our spiritual journey we may discover that we’ve somehow developed apathy towards the things of God. It can happen to anyone!  Join us Mondays at 10:00 for this in depth study on what distracts us from the things of God and how to prevent it!

This Weeks Sermon….

Every child born is born into a different set of circumstances.  Listen as Pastor Lew brings to our attention the circumstances surrounding the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Click on sermons in the right hand column to listen.

This Week’s Sermon…

Some of the hardest experiences in your life may be when someone you love is making bad choices!  In this weeks message Pastor Lew gives us three thoughts to consider when dealing with your loved ones.  Listen to the message now by clicking on sermons in the right hand column.

This Week’s Sermon


A toxic person has the uncanny ability to change the atmosphere of the room when they walk in and everyone feels the fallout.  Listen to Pastor Lew’s message on “Handling Toxic People” and learn to deal with difficult people the Jesus way by clicking on sermons in the right hand column.

This Week’s Sermon….


Your soul consists of three facets:  Intellect, will and emotions.  When your thinking isn’t lining up with the Word of God or discouragement has overcome your will and emotions you may find your self in the middle of a storm with “soul drift”.  Soul drift is that place where you lose sight of Jesus and find yourself lacking peace.  Listen to Pastor Lew’s message on hope by clicking on sermons in the right hand column.

This Week’s Sermon…


With Veterans Day coming up this Friday, Pastor Lew geared Sunday’s sermon in honor of them. His message this week outlines the correlation of those who serve in the military with those who serve in the Lord’s army.  You can listen to this weeks message now by clicking on sermons in the left hand column.

On The Website Now….


God created you for His enjoyment.  Listen to Pastor Lew’s message on what it means to walk with God and the benefits of a relationship with Him. The closer you walk with God the less room there is for anything else to come between you! Find the message under sermons in the right side column of the website.

It’s Ready For You…..


Trent Roberts has quickly become one of our favorite guest speakers here at New Life Church!  Many who were here Sunday and heard him are asking if the message will be available on line because they want to hear it a second time.  For those who missed it you will want to take some time to hear what Trent brought to the table Sunday!  (Click on sermons in the left hand column)!

Sunday Youth Group


Middle School and High School students will meet every second and fourth Sunday morning right after worship in the Youth Group classroom.  They are learning how to stay Jesus focused in all areas of their life.  Teachers: Tim & Barb Schouten and General & Tanya Brown 

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