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August Devotional…

The Word And The Mirror

By Pastor Lew Pizzala

The Bible makes it clear why we need to “continue” in the Word of God: if we don’t we will forget what we look like.   Perhaps you don’t want to be reminded of what a no good sinner you are. But understand that just as a mirror can be your enemy, it can also be your friend.  This Bible is a two edged sword.  While it’s true the Word can expose the sin in your life, it can also reveal the righteousness in your life.  It not only shows you what is wrong with you, it also shows you what is right with you.

This how you overcome the Accuser. When you look into the mirror and it reflects the “righteousness of God” and then you walk away the enemy comes to remind you of your past, so you will forget what you look like:  the righteousness of God.  The key: stay in front of the mirror.

Prayer: “Increase my love for the Word of God so that I will be continually walk in a divine reflection of who I really am and what I can do.”