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October Devotional

Nourish Your Inner Mantime

By Pastor Lew Pizzala


As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word that you may grow thereby”                  1 Peter 2:2

Jesus had a rhythm to his ministry. First, He would encounter God, then He would encounter man. He would go from prayer closet to prayer closet, and in between He would meet the needs of people.  It wasn’t complicated.  Jesus ministered out of the context of His devotional life.

Neglect of a devotional life is the locust that devours your spiritual strength.   Somebody once said: “if you don’t got it you can’t give it.”  Your devotional life should not just be nourishing the inner man with what you receive from God for yourself but also what others will need from you.  Remember, you are only as big and instrumental in the work of the Lord, as what your inner man is.

Prayer: “Release a new found grace into my life to follow the example of Jesus and cultivate a pure and simple devotional life that will grow me in the inner man.”