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September Devotional



Hearing God’s Voice

By Pastor Lew Pizzala

My sheep hear my voice…” (John 10:27)

There are two aids that will greatly assist you in hearing God’s voice. The first one is silence. Remember the old proverb: “listen or thy tongue will keep thee deaf?” Have you ever heard the bull frog? They tell me that at the same time a bull frog croaks a certain muscle makes a sound which prevents the bullfrog from hearing the croaking sound. Sometimes we talk so much that, not only do we drown out what we are saying, but we also drown out what God is trying to say.

A second hearing aid to the voice of God is intimacy. The greater the distance between you and the other person the harder it is to hear them when they speak. Sin creates distance between you and God. That distance makes the voice of God faint and fading.

It is so important to know the voice of the Shepherd!  Practice silence and intimacy and you will be sure to recognize His voice!


Prayer: “Grant me an ear to the rail to always hear what it is the Spirit is saying to my life.”