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Coming June 23rd…Buddy Shuh



will be speaking at the Sunday morning service at 10:30 AM.  Invite a friend and join us.


Buddy’s bio

Buddy Shuh is a pastor from Wayne, MI whose life has recently been transformed. Six months ago, Buddy was thrust into the national spotlight when he was selected to be a contestant on the tv show “Biggest Loser” on NBC.

Buddy was born on an army base in Germany and grew up in the states of Michigan, Ohio, Florida, and Texas. His father successfully climbed the corporate ladder with a fast-food chain, so it was common for Buddy to travel.

Buddy graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in mathematics. His giftings with numbers helped him to excel in the business arena. He managed restaurants for several years, then managed retail stores. In 2000, Buddy made a career switch and became a teacher. From there, he went into full-time church ministry.

Buddy was an athlete in high school, selected as team captain of both his football and wrestling teams. After graduating, he slowly drifted into an unhealthy lifestyle. By 2005, he weighed in at 300 pounds.

In 2005, tragedy struck Buddy and his family. His second child, Isabella Harmony Shuh, was born with serious complications. She was missing a spleen and a kidney. She had stomach and heart issues. She also had a serious case of spina bifida. The five and a half months that his daughter lived were filled with a mixture of hope and sorrow.

When Buddy’s daughter passed away, he temporarily shut down on some levels. One of these areas was in the arena of diet and exercise. He tried to find comfort in food. It was only five years later that he found himself at a weight of over 400 pounds.

It began to dawn on Buddy that his health was out of control. One day he was looking at his two daughters and knew that he needed to make some changes so that he could be around to walk them down the aisle one day. As part of his healing process, Buddy wrote the book “The Story of Bella” in an attempt to help others who may have lost a child. He also began to actively pursue a healthier lifestyle.

In July of 2011, Buddy’s brother called him and informed him that NBC was having an open casting call for “Biggest Loser.” He agreed to go, never dreaming that he’d actually be selected for the cast. But God, in His love for Buddy, had other plans. Buddy was selected and placed in the best environment possible for healthy living. Six months later, Buddy was a transformed person.

His beginning weight on the show was 403 pounds. He was the heaviest contestant on his season. Six months later, he weighed in at 230 pounds. He lost about a pound a day for a half of a year! His waist size went from 54 to 36. His shirt size went from 5XL to L. His blood pressure was 190/110 so the doctors had put him on three different types of medicine. He is no longer medicated and his blood pressure is 120/70. For seven years, Buddy used a CPAP machine to help him breathe at night because he had a severe case of sleep apnea. He no longer needs a machine.

Buddy has recently become the national spokesperson for the TEARS foundation. This foundation raises funds to pay for caskets, grave markers, and grief counseling for parents who have lost a small child and don’t have the finances for those items.

Buddy believes he has been given a gift and is trying to bless others with what he has learned. He speaks in schools, businesses, and churches, sharing that going after the dreams in your heart is a pursuit worth undertaking! He tries to bring hope wherever he goes!