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21 Days On The Threshing Floor

NLC’s 21-day FAST : Humble Yourself And Seek The Lord

Theme: Ruth Chapter 3

The threshing floor is where we lay ourselves before the Lord and wait upon Him to do all that already is in His heart to do:  Provide, Purify, and Protect us.

January 10th – 30th New Life Church invites you to lay at the feet of Jesus and discover a life of intimacy with the Savior.  We will be par-taking in a 21-day fast. 
**Special Times of Prayer**

Wednesday 4:30-6:30pm

Sunday 8:30-10:30am
Please contact the church office for more information regarding How & Why to Fast…. OR

The threshing floor was a place used in ancient times to separate the head of wheat from the stalk. The wheat was then tossed into the air and the chaff was separated from teh grain as it floated awy while the seed fell back to the floor.
Throughout Scripture this represents the purification of our lives. The threshing floor is where Ruth lay at Boaz’s feet all night before he spread his cloak over her and promised to care for her (Ruth 3).
The threshing floor is where David offered a sacrifice to end the plague of death over Israel. And it is where the temple was built (1 Chron. 21).
So will our place of offering, sacrifice, and purification become a place of worship before the Lord!

Fasting is a specific, directed type of prayer. By sacrificing something we desire (usually food) we demonstrate to God our dependence on Him, and our strong desire for an answer. It also shows we are hungry for more of HIM. We put to death our appetite for the world as we sek Him in this way. There are many, many answers to prayers which have been combined with fasting, both in the Bible and in testimonies from today! It is a powerful prayer. Jesus Himself fasted, and pointed out that there were times when only fasting would uproot an evil spirit.
Corporately we call for a 21 day fast (as in Joel chapter 2). This is a sacred asembly, devoted to awakening our hearts to more of God, less of ourselves, and stir up revival within and without our church walls.

First, take time to pray and ask God to show you His instruction for you during the fast.
Some ways to consider:
**A “Daniel” or “Incomplete” fast (see Daniel 1:12, 12:3): This is a fast where certain foods, such as meats and sweets, are eliminated from the diet.
**A FULL fast: Only liquids or juices.
**An activity fast: Giving up something in order to pursue God more fully (internet, Facebook, TV, etc.).

**You may also consider fasting once a week during the 21 days, or fast the last three days…. There is no rule, this is about you and your relationship with the Father –> use this time to create a deeper/stronger connection with Him.