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February 2012

The Choice To Rejoice
By Lynette Davis
“Rejoice with those who rejoice…Romans 12:15a
The word rejoice is from the Greek word chairo, and it means to be glad, to be full of joy, or to be elated. Furthermore, the word “rejoice” is a command, not a suggestion.
We are being instructed to “be happy” for others in spite of our own circumstances. In order to share in the joy of others it may require us to get past ourselves and what we feel. While we may have no reason to rejoice in the events, holidays or happenings in life others do and we serve an otherly God! We are told to love others, esteem others higher than ourselves and to submit to others. God is concerned about others! You may not be in life exactly where you want to be and you may not have what you want to have but don’t let that cause you to overlook the opportunity to share in the joy of others!

On April 27th of 2011 a devastating EF4 tornado ravaged the city of Tuscaloosa Alabama. Dozens of people were killed and over 600 were seriously injured as the massive funnel moved through this community at speeds of 167 to 200 miles per hour. As the storm passed though the city it randomly destroyed hundreds of homes and their contents while leaving others untouched. It tore some people from their shelters while others were spared. In the midst of all this pain and suffering there was still reason to rejoice for some. Although some were devastated, they rejoiced with those who escaped this powerful storm.
Another friend is about to marry and you are still single…..rejoice with those who rejoice! You are longing for a child and it seems like everyone you see is awaiting their bundle of joy except you…..rejoice with those who rejoice. You are desperately in need of a financial miracle and someone else testifies about the inheritance they just received…..rejoice. Share in the joy of those who rejoice and see if it just doesn’t make your heart just a little bit happier!