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June 2011

It’s Father’s Day…….Relax

By Pastor Lew Pizzala

James 1:4

But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

Ask any experienced father what is most needed in raising children and they are sure to reply money….and patience! In this “hurry up and get things done”, “instant everything” world, the art of patience isn’t something we always take time to learn.

Most Dads often find themselves frustrated and impatient with the children while trying to juggle the demands of a very busy life! Many men after a display of impatience with their children become frustrated with themselves as they struggle to be the best fathers they can be.

Fathers , you will never experience the reward of raising children until you slow down and appreciate your children where they are at.

There is a story about a father who became disturbed about the length of time his eight-year-old son was taking to get home from school. The father decided he would make the trip to discover for himself how long it should take a small boy to cover the distance. The father settled on 20 minutes but his son was still taking an hour. Finally the father decided to make the trip with his son.

After the trip, the father said, “The 20 minutes I thought reasonable was right, but I failed to consider such important things as a side trip to track down a trail of ants…or an educational stop to watch a man fix a flat…or the time it took to swing around a half a dozen telephone poles…or how much time it took for a boy just to get aquainted with two stray dogs and a brown cat.

“In short,” said the father, “I had forgotten what it is really like to be eight years old.” The lesson learned? It takes great patience to be a father.