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We believe that when you visit our services you will find two things…faith and family! First, from start to finish our meetings are geared to ignite your faith. Our worship team provides the ultimate worship experience where we corporately give God glory through music and song! In addition to your worship experience you will leave every service challenged and changed by the preaching of God’s Word.

Second, at New Life you will find it quite easy to fit in with our church family. There are groups for every age and walk of life. Creating family is a very important part of who we are. Please visit us and you will see that New Life’s atmosphere of faith and family offers every opportunity to connect with people of like faith to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus and each other! Pastor Lew Pizzala

July Devotional


By Pastor Lew Pizzala

“Open my eyes, that I may see Wondrous things from Your law”  (Psa. 119:18)

 To live a victorious faith life you must understand that there is a big difference between your natural eyes and spiritual eyes. Every believer has two sets of eyes: natural and spiritual.  The Bible talks about “the eyes of your heart.”  Your inner man has a set of spiritual eyes.  If you choose to look at the events of your life with spiritual eyes you will operate with a “divine viewpoint.”  If you look at them with natural eyes you will operate with a “human viewpoint.”  Your viewpoint will be determined by what you choose to look through. Let God’s Word serve as a filter over your eyes. Look at your finances through your bible.  See your marriage in light of God’s promises.  Are you seeing the economy in recession?  Or, are you seeing the Lord as your shepherd and you shall not want?  It makes a difference!!

Prayer: “Teach me to see things in the light of God’s Word so I may think the thoughts of God and feel His emotions concerning every circumstance of my life.”

Coming in July



VBS at New Life Church starts at 9:00 AM Monday, July 18th and runs through Thursday July 21st! For all kids ages 4-12! Mon – Wed 9-noon and on Thursday 9-3 (lunch is served). Please let us know if your kids wil be attending or if you are available to help!

Starts Tomorrow Night……..


Join us for the next six weeks as we learn from John Bevere the difference between good and God! It all starts at 6:30 PM!  You won’t want to miss any of these powerful messages!

June Devotional


God’s Principle Of Brokenness

By Pastor Lew Pizzala

 The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, And saves such as have a contrite spirit” Psalm 34:18

Your level of brokenness before God determines your usefulness by God. Moses lived to be one hundred and twenty years of age.  The first forty years he thought he was a somebody living in the palace of the king; second forty years he found out that he was a nobody, taking care of his father in laws sheep on the back side of a desert.  The third forty years he found out that God could take a nobody and make a somebody out of him.  What made the difference?  Forty years on the backside of that desert broke him.  The reason a “broken heart” and a “contrite spirit” are so valuable to a believer is because they both pull God in.  Why do the brokenhearted think God to be so far away?  A heart that is broken and contrite over sin is a sacrifice that is well pleasing to God. God is more pleased with a heart that mourns over sin, than when the bullock bleeds beneath the axe.

Prayer:  “Help me not to live in a hardened state less I miss your nearness to my life.”


Ladies Bible Study…


We will be meeting at New Life Church on June 18th at 1:00 PM for our next Armor Of God Bible Study with Priscilla Shirer.  For more information you can call the church at 226-2333.