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We believe that when you visit our services you will find two things…faith and family! First, from start to finish our meetings are geared to ignite your faith. Our worship team provides the ultimate worship experience where we corporately give God glory through music and song! In addition to your worship experience you will leave every service challenged and changed by the preaching of God’s Word.

Second, at New Life you will find it quite easy to fit in with our church family. There are groups for every age and walk of life. Creating family is a very important part of who we are. Please visit us and you will see that New Life’s atmosphere of faith and family offers every opportunity to connect with people of like faith to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus and each other! Pastor Lew Pizzala


hawJoin us Friday October 31st for the New Life Harvest Party!  It all starts at 5:00 PM with dinner in the coffee cafe and then at 6:00 PM we will move to the sanctuary for lots of fun!  Children will travel through the games which include:

Limbo – Pin The Tail On The Shark – Hawaiian Duck Pond – CoCoNut Bowling – Pineapple Hoop Toss – Deep Sea Fishing – The Cake Walk – And finally the “Pig Pinata”

See you there!


October Devotional


 New Life Church

October Devotionaltree


Power In Perilous Times By Pastor Lew Pizzala

 Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.”    2 Timothy 1:6

In the last days we will face “perilous times.” The word means: “difficult times; or seasons of peril.” However there is a power that God would have us to walk in. This power is conditional and there are certain things we must do to operate in it. First, we have to stir up the gift. Literally, we are to “kindle afresh the fire of God.” If Satan can make you become a lover of self or a lover of money etc. he can blow that flame of passion out. Once the fire is blown out we become timid and lethargic, shrinking back from spiritual service. So, Paul tells Timothy to “kindle afresh the flame of God.” The responsibility is upon you. You are only as hot in God as you choose to be. It will takes a hot flame to persevere in the days that lie ahead. It’s been said that hell trembles when men kindle. Every fire needs repeated stirring. God lit the fire when you got born again; it is up to us to make sure the fire is not quenched. In order to do this you must allow the Holy Spirit to move upon your heart with the fire from heaven.

Prayer: “Show me what it is in my life that may need rearranging in order to increase the heat of passion within my soul. If it is a dull devotional life help me to try a different approach.”






Starts October 1st….

pray31_bannerIt is a crucial time for America – a time of challenges and, of course, a time of decisions.  Of all the things we can do for our country at this historic moment, nothing is more important than prayer!  If we truly want God to bless America – to stand beside her and guide her – we must pray!  Each person participating in this Pray 31 Event will recieve a U.S. Prayer Atlas which will instruct you what to pray for each day.  The unified effect of Christians praying can awaken our nation, renew our church and spiritually transform our lives.  This is going to be an important journey.  Prayer night at New Life is Wednesday, October 1st.  Don’t miss it!

September Devotional



Hearing God’s Voice

By Pastor Lew Pizzala

My sheep hear my voice…” (John 10:27)

There are two aids that will greatly assist you in hearing God’s voice. The first one is silence. Remember the old proverb: “listen or thy tongue will keep thee deaf?” Have you ever heard the bull frog? They tell me that at the same time a bull frog croaks a certain muscle makes a sound which prevents the bullfrog from hearing the croaking sound. Sometimes we talk so much that, not only do we drown out what we are saying, but we also drown out what God is trying to say.

A second hearing aid to the voice of God is intimacy. The greater the distance between you and the other person the harder it is to hear them when they speak. Sin creates distance between you and God. That distance makes the voice of God faint and fading.

It is so important to know the voice of the Shepherd!  Practice silence and intimacy and you will be sure to recognize His voice!


Prayer: “Grant me an ear to the rail to always hear what it is the Spirit is saying to my life.”

New Life Church Presents…

mnoutIt is the movie you have been waiting to see!  What could go wrong when husbands watch the kids for just three hours? Join us for our free movie event Friday, September 5th at 6:30 PM!  There will be popcorn, pop and movie candy!  Invite a friend.